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You have heard it over and over, "Get it in writing!"
Here I have 106 forms that you can use for any of lifes legal situations.
Click on the form you need and it will open in pdf format, then print it out.
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1 Delegating Authority to Care for Children, Pets, and Property

Form 1:Temporary Guardianship Authorization for Care of Minor
Form 2: Authorization for Minor's Medical Treatment
Form 3: Authorization for Foreign Travel With Minor
Form 4: Housesitting.lnstructions
Form 5: Children's Carpool Agreement
Form 6: Pet Care Agreement
Form 7: Authorization to Drive a Motor Vehicle
Form 8: Power of Attorney for Finances(Limited Power)
Form 9: Power of Attorney for RealEstate
Form 10: Notice of Revocation of Power of Attorney

2 Basic Estate Planning

Form 11: Property Worksheet
Form 12: Beneficiary Worksheet
Forms 13 and 14:BasicWills
Form 13: Will for Adult With No Child(ren)
Form 14: Will for Adult With Child(ren)

3 Things to Do After a Death: Documents for Executors

Form 16: Request for Death Certificate
Form 17: Notice to Creditor of Death
Form 18: Executor's Checklist
Form 19: General Notice of Death
Form 20: Obituary Information Fact Sheet
Form 21: Notice to Deceased's Homeowners' Insurance Company
Form 22: Notice to Deceased's Vehicle Insurance Company

4 Renting a Place to live

Form 23: Apartment-Finding Service Checklist
Form 24: Rental Application
Form 25: Fixed-Term Residential Lease
Form 26: Month~to~Month Residential Rental Agreement
Form 27: Landlord-Tenant Agreement to Terminate Lease
Form 28: Consent to Assignment of Lease
Form 29: Landlord-Tenant. Checklist
Form 30: Notice of Needed Repairs
Form 31: Tenant's Notice of Intent to Move Out
Form 32: Demand for Return of Security Deposit

5 Borrowing or lending Money

Form 33: Loan Comparison Worksheet
Form 34: Authorization to Check Credit and Employee References
Form 35: Monthly Payment Record

Forms 36-40: Promissory Notes

Form 36: Promissory Note-Installment Payments With Interest
Form 37: Promissory Note-Installment Payments With Interest and Balloon Payment
Form 38: Promissory Note-Installment Payments Without Interest
Form 39: Promissory Note-Lump Sum Payment With Interest
Form 40: Promissory Note-Lump Sum Payment Without Interest
Form 41: Cosigner Provision

Forms 42-45: Security Agreements

Form 42: Security Agreement Provision for Promissory Note
Form 43: Security Agreement
Form 44: U.c.c. Financing Statement
Form 45: Release of U.C.C. Financing Statement
Form 46: Agreement to Modify Promissory Note
Form 47: Overdue Payment Demand
Form 48: Demand to Make Good on Bad Check

6 Buying a House

Form 49: Ideal House Profile
Form 50: House Priorities Worksheet
Form 51: House Comparison Worksheet.
Form 52: Family Financial Statement
Form 53: Monthly Carrying Costs Worksheet
Form 54: Mortgage Rates and Terms Worksheet
Form 55: Moving Checklist

7 Buying or Selling a Car, Dog, or Other Personal Property

Form 56: Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale
Form 57: Boat Bill of Sale
Form 58: Computer System Bill of Sale
Form 59: General Bill of Sale
Form 60: Bill of Sale for Dog

8 Renting Personal Property and Storing Goods

Form 61: Personal Property Rental Agreement
Form 62: Notice of Termination of Personal Property Rental Agreement
Form 63: Storage Contract

9 Home Repairs and Maintenance

Form 64: Home Maintenance Agreement
Form 65: Home Repairs_Agreement
Form 66: Contractor Mid-Job Worksheet

10 Handling Personal.Finances

Form 67: Daily Expenses
Form 68: Monthly Income
Form 69: Monthly Budget
Form 70: Statement of Assets and Liabilities
Form 71: Assignment of Rights
Form 72: Notice to Terminate Joint Account
Form 73: Notice to Stop Payment of Check
Form 74: Request for Credit Report
Form 75: Dispute Incorrect Credit Report Entry
Form 76: Dispute Credit Card Charge
Form 77: Demand Collection Agency Cease Contact

11 Dealing With Junk Mail and Telemarketing Calls

Form 78: Notice to-Remove Name From List
Form 79: Notice to Add or Retain Name but Not Sell or Trade It
Form 80:Telemarketing Phone Call Log
Form 81:Notice to Put Name on Company's "Do Not Call" List
Form 82: Demand for Damages for Excessive Calls

12 Hiring Child Care, Elder Care, or Household Help

Form 83: Child Care Agreement
Form 84: Child Care Instructions
Form 85: ElderCare'Agreement
Form 86:Housekeeping Services Agreement

13 Living Together

Form 87: Agreement to Keep Property-Separate
Form 88: Agreement for a Joint Purchase
Form 89: Agreement to Share 'Property
Form 90: Declaration of Legal Name Change

14 Settling Legal Disputes

Form 91:Demand Letter
Form 92: Online Auction Buyer Demand Letter
Form 93: Request for Refund or Repair ofGoods Under Warranty
Form 94: Accident Claim Worksheet

Forms 95-100: Releases

Form 95: General Release
Form 96: General Mutual Release
Form 97: Release for Damage to Real Estate
Form 98: Release for Property Damage in Auto Accident
Form 99: Release for Personal Injury
Form 100: Mutual Release of Contract' Claims

15 Miscellaneous Forms for Personal Use

Form 101: Complaint Letter
Form 102: Notice of Insurance Claim
Form 103: Notice to Cancel Certain Contracts
Form 104: Cancel Membership or Subscription Notice
Form 105: Request to Begin Special Education Process
Form 106: Identity Theft Worksheet

Form 107: Survivors Guide Take Time Now To Plan for your family after your gone.

Form 108: Joint Custody Agreement

16 New Forms

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